The consulting services in science and engineering undertaken over the past 20 years and offered by Fracflow are listed below.

Community and Industrial Water Supply

  • Site Investigations for Surface Water and Groundwater Supplies
  • Consumer Demand Assessment
  • Consumer Quality Requirements
  • Existing Resource Utilization
  • Watershed Potential and Water Balance Studies (Physical and Isotopic)
  • Water Well Design, Construction and Testing
  • Reservoir and Control Structure Assessments
  • Watershed and Wellhead Protection Programs and Monitoring

Wastewater System Assessment and Design

  • Project Management for Design and Construction
  • Options Evaluations and Site Selection
  • Value Engineering Studies
  • Hazard and Operability Study and Design Review
  • Influent/Effluent Quality Assessment Reviews
  • Disinfection Efficacy Studies
  • Infiltration/Exfiltration Studies

Hydrogeology and Surface Water Hydrology

  • Site Investigations
  • Flow System Analysis
  • Mine Dewatering Studies
  • Groundwater and Surface Water Sampling and Monitoring
  • Tracer Experiments
  • Drainage and Seepage Studies

Groundwater Flow and Transport Modelling

  • 2-D and 3-D Finite Element and Finite Difference Modelling of Groundwater Flow and Transport for Environmental and Resource Evaluation
  • 3-D Discrete Fracture Flow Modelling

Baseline Studies, Environmental Site and Impact Assessments

  • Site Selection and Evaluation
  • Baseline Studies (Pre-Development and Existing Condition)
  • Phase 1, 2, and 3 Environmental Site Assessments (CSA/CCME)
  • Facility Design and Construction Assistance
  • Regulatory Review, Liaison and Approval
  • Environmental Impact Statements (CESA)
  • Qualitative Risk Assessments (NCS)
  • Quantitative Risk Assessments (RBCA)

Geological Engineering and Rock Mechanics

  • Data Processing and Statistical Analysis (particularly geo-statistics)
  • Integration and Interpretation of Field and Laboratory Data for Slope Design and Analysis
  • CAD (3-D) Simulation for Design, Interpretation and Presentation
  • 2-D Finite Element Model Analysis for Rock Mechanics Design and Stability Analysis of Intact and Fractured Rock Masses
  • 3-D Fracture Generation to Support Rock Characterization and Groundwater Flow

Modelling Efforts

  • Fractured Hydrocarbon Reservoir Characterization
  • Underground Storage Assessments

Geotechnical Engineering and Soil Mechanics

  • Geotechnical Site Investigations
  • Terrestrial and Marine Drilling Programs
  • Seismic Surveys
  • GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Surveys
  • Design and Analysis of Earthworks, Excavations, Slope Stability and Retaining Structures
  • Specification and Design Review
  • Construction Inspection and Materials Quality Control
  • Shallow and Deep Foundations, Settlement and Bearing Capacity Calculations
  • Landfill Investigations

Site Remediation and Monitoring

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design of Remedial Action Plans
  • Project Management
  • Operations, Maintenance, and Monitoring

Field Testing Services

  • Borehole Drilling and Excavation Programs
  • Aquifer Testing (24 hour and 72 hour) and Data Interpretation
  • Discrete Fracture Zone Injection Tests, Water Sampling Using Multi-PackersField

Assessment of Water Quality Using Portable Geochemical Equipment

  • Screening for Hydrocarbon Contamination in Air, Soil, and Water
  • Air, Soil, and Water Sampling for Laboratory Chemical Analysis
  • Concrete Acceptance Tests

Geotechnical Laboratory-Testing Services

  • Collection and Preparation of Intact and Fractured Rock Test Specimens
  • Index and Strength Tests Including: Standard or Large Diameter Uniaxial and Triaxial Compression Tests, Point Load Tests, Slake Durability Tests, Small and Large Scale Shear Tests
  • Coupled Hydraulic and Mechanical Uniaxial Loading and Shear Loading of Intact and Fractured Samples as a Function of Temperature
  • Standard Concrete Strength Tests
  • Grain-Size Analyses
  • Atterberg Limits
  • Proctor Tests
  • Porosity
  • Permeability (Rock and Soil)

Mine Dewatering and Minewater Management

  • Conceptual Models of Fractured Rock Systems
  • 3-D Flow and Transport Models for Surface and Underground Mines
  • Design of Dewatering Wells
  • Design and Execution of Hydrofracing and Acid Treatments to Improve Dewatering Well Efficiency

Wetland Delineation

  • Wetland delineation for avoidance purposes in Nova Scotia
  • Functional Assessments (subcontract service)